Advices for clients

To ensure diversity when engaging with the headhunter, demand that at least 40 percent of the short listed candidates are women.

Number of companies which are off-limit is highly relevant in order to know whether the headhunter can serve you satisfactory regarding pool of candidates.

Meeting the candidates
When candidates are presented, you have already read their CV.
During the actual meeting with each candidate prioritize listening and observing. 
It is in the conversation itself you get to know the other person.

The personal dialogue
If you will share own experience, then the candidate feel free to do the same.

Engage a headhunter
To have a representative candidate pool the headhunter will make sure that relevant candidates will be identified.

Do not engage headhunters who offers terms on “no-cure no-pay” basis
It is uncertain whether the headhunter will be fully commited.